IMPORTANT Notice – Product Recall Takata Airbags – Auctioneers Responsibilities

Effective Immediately, product recall on vehicles with Takata Airbag Inflators and spare parts.

If you sell used motor vehicles this DOES AFFECT YOU!

You are considered to be an independent dealer for the purposes of dealing with affected Takata Airbags and must IMMEDIATELY stop selling any affected vehicle.

Affected Takata Airbag Inflators pose a serious risk to consumers with the potential to cause death.  The product recall guidelines impact second hand dealers (including Auctioneers).

The Recall Notice imposes a mandatory recall for all motor vehicles installed with frontal driver side and/or passenger side Takata airbag inflators that use phase stabilised ammonium nitrate (PSAN) propellant and do not have a desiccant or have a calcium sulphate desiccant also known as Alpha Airbags. The Recall Notice also applies to Affected Takata Airbag Inflators that are spare parts or spare parts that contain Affected Takata Airbag Inflators (Spare Parts).

Vehicles impacted by the recall include new and used:

  • passenger cars (including hatchbacks, sedans, station wagons, peoplemovers and 4WDs);
  • campervans and motorhomes;
  • utility vehicles (including utes, pick-up trucks and vans); and
  • motorcycles

A full list of makes and models affected by these airbags can be found at the below links:
The vehicles impacted as at 8 March 2018.
Future Takata Airbag Recall List as at 9 March 2018

Impact to Auction Houses
All auction houses are required to develop a Second-hand Vehicle Action Plan.  The plan must be submitted to ACCC within two months of the commencement of the recall notice.  If ACCC believes the plan is inadequate, it will request that the plan is revised (with suggested improvements).

The AVAA is developing a second hand vehicle action plan that it will share with you to help you manage these obligations.

Key components of the plan include:

  • VIN check prior to sale of a vehicle
  • Suspend sale of any vehicle which is under active recall until vehicle has had airbag replaced
  • Future recall notification for vehicles which have been identified for future recall
  • Contact any party who has purchase a vehicle subject to recall and seek consent to provide details to the manufacturer
  • Set up consumer dispute resolution system
  • Maintain records to report to ACCC
  • Report to ACCC consumers who do not wish to replace the airbag

ACCC Timeline

  • 8 March 2018 – Initiate recall of all vehicles with Alpha Inflators under active recall
  • 3 April 2018 – Provide ACCC with Recall Initiation Schedule
  • 31 December 2018 – cease supply of new or demonstration vehicles with Affected Takata Airbag Inflator
  • 31 December 2019 – cease use of new affected Takata Airbag Inflators as replacements
  • 31 December 2020 – replacement of all Affected Takata Airbag Inflators (unless approved by ACCC
  • Ongoing – obligation to identify and replace vehicles with Affected Takata Airbag Inflators

Notification to customers
You must advise all customers who have purchased a vehicle at Auction which is on the product recall list in writing.  The information communicated will be dependent upon:

  • Alpha Inflator Vehicles – stop driving your vehicles immediately
  • Takata Airbag Inflator Vehicle more than 6 years old – Airbag is faulty and need to contact the manufacturer immediately
  • Takata Airbag Inflator less than 6 years old – Airbag is faulty, there is no known immediate impact but may be in the future
  • Replaced airbag with another faulty airbag

Guidelines are included in the Consumer Goods (Motor Vehicles with Affected Takata Airbag Inflators and Spare Parts) Recall Notice March 2018

Supplier Database
Vehicle suppliers are required to maintain a vehicle database.  Suppliers are required to establish a maintained database online.

How AVAA can assist you?
AVAA are contacting manufacturers to assist you with getting up to date information.  Some manufacturers have requested contact details so they can work directly with you.

The AVAA will be working with the ACCC to develop a standard action plan and will make this available to you to assist you to refine with your own internal business processes.

Further reading

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Consumer Goods (Motor Vehicles With Affected Takata Airbag Inflators and Specified Spare Parts) Recall Notice 2018

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