This self-paced course is intended as an introduction to the valuation of goods & chattels, plant & equipment. This course does not deal with valuation of real estate.

This course provides basic training that can be transferred to employment in the valuation industry at an entry level.

We recommend this course to young or new entrant employees of AVAA members, or for anybody wishing to gain a preliminary understanding of the valuation industry.

Course Information

Course Fees


$715.00 ($650.00 + GST)

  • Rebate of fee difference available following registration $110.00
  • Please contact Education Officer


$825.00 ($750.00 + GST)

Registration and Payment

Registration and Payment

Refund policy:

  • Fees will be refunded in full if the AVAA cancels or postpones delivery of the course.
  • Fees will be refunded by 50% if the participant can prove changes in personal circumstances beyond their control which prevent their completion of the course.