Online Auction Compliance

This program aims to provide AVAA Corporate members with Cyber Risk and Compliance policy templates to ensure sufficient cyber security protections are in place for users of their online platforms.

This is limited to the program itself and does not include the operations of a Corporate Member’s business. The focus of this program is on mitigating risk through adherence to privacy and IT security standards, among others.

The AVAA has, in conjunction with consultants, identified and developed FOUR (4) Risk and Compliance Policy Templates.

  • Privacy Policy
  • Information Security Management Policy
  • Cyber Security Policy
  • Compliance with PCI Data Security Standards

Policy templates and guides are available for purchase as a set from the AVAA should a Corporate Member not currently have any Cyber Risk and Compliance Policies in place within their business.

NOW FREE for Corporate Members!

Corporate Members

  • * One-off payment for Policy Templates including free Guidance Notes (previously $3300 (inc GST) *

NOW FREE for Corporate Members!