International Valuations Standards Harmonisation

CPD Points: 2 Points

This short course is offered by the AVAA to give participants an overview of International Valuation Standards (IVS) which are set by the International Valuations Standards Council (IVSC). These standards promote professionalism and confidence in the valuation industry and reflect the standards of the AVAA.

The IVSC is an independent, not for profit organisation whose rigorous standards serve the public interests and their core objectives are to develop high quality International Standards which underpin consistency, transparency and confidence in valuation.

The AVAA present this course which outlines how each organisation supports the Australian valuation industry. The course covers:

  • IVS Overview
  • About the IVSC
  • IVS and USPAP (Uniform Standards Professional Appraisal Practice) Administered by the The Appraisal Foundation (TAF)
  • Glossary
  • Framework
  • General Standards
  • Asset Standards
  • Resources
  • Quiz – Check Knowledge Questions





Refund policy:

  • Fees will be refunded in full if the AVAA cancels or postpones delivery of the course.
  • Fees will be refunded by 50% if the participant can prove changes in personal circumstances beyond their control which prevent their completion of the course.