AVAA Vaccination Advice Protocol

Current as at:  21 October 2021.  The AVAA advises all members to obtain up-to-date information regarding vaccination protocols relevant to their state from pertinent authorities. The attached document is for guidance only. Click here for: AVAA Vaccination Advice [...]

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AVAA State Sessions (Digital Networking)

Please join your AVAA State Representative and me for our inaugural Digital Networking Session where I will present the AVAA strategy and key areas of focus for 2021. I hope as many local members can attend and join [...]

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IVSC Perspectives Paper: Challenges to Market Value.

February 2021 The IVSC's Tangible Assets Board has received feedback that in some markets there is an increasing difference between Price and Value. Whilst quantifying this difference in valuation terms has commonly been acknowledged as difficult in undeveloped markets where there may [...]

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Meet the AVAA Board Series – Jane Raffan

In our Meet the Board Series we invite you to sit down and learn more about each AVAA board member. Today we introduce board member:  JANE RAFFAN How long have you been on the AVAA Board? This is [...]

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The quest for the perfect auction

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2020 to Paul R. Milgrom Stanford University, USA Robert B. Wilson Stanford University, USA “for improvements to [...]

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EDUCATION: New courses and training opportunities now available

YOU SPOKE AND WE LISTENED. WE HAVE EDUCATION AND TRAINING COMING OUT OF OUR EARS! The AVAA are excited to launch a number of new courses and training opportunities, available to AVAA members and the wider industry. "We [...]

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ARTICLE: The psychology behind an auction

" Nick Hunter experienced a moment of madness at a fine art auction, which prompted him to investigate the psychology behind it and how the auction industry has created an event uniquely set up to encourage very particular [...]

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NEW COURSE – The Art of Auctioneering

The AVAA, in association with the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA Corporate) unite to present a bespoke two-day Auctioneering Program. Aspiring auctioneers or those wanting to enhance their current skills will benefit from NIDA's unsurpassed training in [...]

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