Fundamentals of Valuing Fine 
& Decorative Arts & Antiques

CPD Points: 4 Points

This self-paced course is intended to provide insight into the valuation of fine art and antiques, collectables and specialist items.

It covers a broad range of material that one might expect to encounter as a valuer, including, from the fine arts component: painting and drawing, printmaking, photography and sculpture, from the antiques component: furniture, silver, metalwares and jewellery, ceramics and glass, and from the collectables component: dolls and toys, tribal art, coins, stamps and medals.

This course provides basic information on important periods and styles, movements/makers, materials and cataloguing elements for each field, as well as pertinent valuation considerations, glossaries and further reading.

For anyone considering employment in an auction house or the broader industry as a valuer, we strongly recommend also completing the AVAA’s Fundamentals of Valuing Goods, Chattels, Plant & Equipment course for an entry level of understanding of the principles, approaches and methodologies of valuation practice. 

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Refund policy:

  • Fees will be refunded in full if the AVAA cancels or postpones delivery of the course.
  • Fees will be refunded by 50% if the participant can prove changes in personal circumstances beyond their control which prevent their completion of the course.

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