21 April 2020

10am AEST
Duration. 1hr – 1hr 30.

As employees we don’t always get along with others however we can learn to change the way we think about conflict in the workplace.
While many staff avoid conflict, others don’t deal with it effectively. This workshop will help you understand why conflict is inevitable and provide some strategies to deal with it more effectively in your workplace.
AVAA Education Specialist, Diana Ginty, will take you through this insightful webinar explaining how conflict manifests and will provide practical tools to deal with conflict more effectively.

Please register through the email address below with your preferred session (7th April or 21st April) and the AVAA will advise if that session is available. There is a minimum and maximum capacity for this course.

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Refund policy:

  • Fees will be refunded in full if the AVAA cancels or postpones delivery of the course.
  • Fees will be refunded by 50% if the participant can prove changes in personal circumstances beyond their control which prevent their completion of the course.