February 2021

AVAA 2020 Membership Report

This year has definitely not gone as we predicted, however, the AVAA has been well placed to deal with the uncertainty and provide guidance to members and the public. It has been a year that required everyone to have the ability to adapt, and while presenting considerable and unparalleled obstacles, it has also highlighted significant opportunities.

The ability of our AVAA members to change operations almost overnight was incredible and it was fantastic to be able to assist them with COVID19 protocols. The engagement during the various restrictions with members, external advisors and various governments is testament to the strength of our relationships, which we have nurtured over previous years. During the past two years in my role as CEO, I have focused on strengthening the foundations of the Association to ensure our member’s credibility and our reputation is strong. My focus for the next two years will be to build on that and expand the reach of the AVAA.

To increase our reach and industry impact I will continue to establish and develop meaningful industry relationships. I will position the AVAA as a thought leader and a proactive Association that really drives the industry forward.

A recent repeat of our member survey last sent in 2018 has shown a large number of areas where we have achieved success and has also provided insight from our members where they would like to see more effort. These results were reflective of my own thoughts and the alignment of these points provided great reassurance. I continually review our strategy and update to ensure we are always driving forward. Given how 2020 has impacted the industry we recently adjusted our strategy. How we plan to implement it can be found on the following pages. I continue to make this a very transparent process as it will take all of us working to the same end goals to achieve and succeed.

As an Association, we will continue to focus on the education and training for members and hope to have a full calendar that provides true value. I want to finish 2020 by thanking all our members for their support and commitment to the AVAA. Our reputation is strong, as is our focus for our future. I look forward to future interactions with our AVAA members, and if you ever want to talk please contact me on emma@avaa.com.au.

Here’s to a fantastic 2021!

Emma Barnes


VIEW THE REPORT HERE: AVAA 2020 Membership Report