The AVAA has launched a podcast to provide insight into the Auctioneering and Valuation industry in Australia.

This podcast is predominantly user-generated content, with each guest being an industry expert in their field. With it being a largely unregulated industry, the AVAA provides a code of ethics and standards for members, and the wider industry, to follow. This podcast provides insight and knowledge for individuals to help excel in their chosen field.

As one of the largest providers of education, training and tools in the industry, the AVAA is keen to explore the option of providing podcasts, knowing that many members are on the road and have limited time to be at their desk or in a room to listen and learn.  We will bring the knowledge to you!

Do you have something to contribute? We are always looking for new content – reach out to Lizzie at: and we can help put the content together. Be part of our new podcast series!

The first podcast is presented by Gary Ryan from The Valuers Group. Gary discusses the use of an expert witness in the valuation process.

“The use of an expert witness is normal practice. If the valuer is considered an expert in his field, then another valuer isn’t needed. It is imperative that the asset being valued is positively identified as being what it is purported to be. For example forgeries, rebuilt vehicles, reproductions, or counterfeit currency must be recognised within a valuation and sometimes only an expert can do this.

We as valuers can incorporate an expert’s findings within a valuation. Expert witnesses may be used in virtually any endeavour, trade or profession to establish value or sometimes liability. There are full-time professional experts in many applications who provide evidence at or for the court process. ”

Listen now through Sound Cloud by clicking here.