To our Members,

We are excited to acknowledge the announcement by the Prime Minister and Premiers of the Roadmap to Recovery. While each state has different timeframes, the signs of improvement and easing of restrictions are promising.  Details of the restrictions of each state, compiled by the AVAA, can be found here.

The events of the past several months, and the speed at which it has impacted our country, our economy and our industry, was unexpected and has been severe.  It is during times of uncertainty and adversity that coming together for a common purpose strengthens our collective position.

The pace of change and uncertainty of COVID-19 required a swift and focused response. It was evident that no industry would be unaffected and advocacy for the Auction and Valuations industry in Australia would be necessary. In anticipation of restrictions on our industry, the AVAA engaged the Government Relations firm DPG Advisory who previously assisted the AVAA with our successful advocacy efforts to challenge the negative changes to the Australian Consumer Law in 2018.

The speed at which the membership reacted, along with the AVAA, with their advocacy to local members, State Premiers and the Prime Minister and the rapid adoption of the AVAA COVID-19 operating protocols were critical in ensuring that the industry was largely able to continue operating and continue to employ our teams of many thousands of Australians.

In addition, the work with the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) and the uptake of the Statement of Material Uncertainty for valuers acknowledges the important role that professional valuers can, and will, play in restoring confidence to turbulent markets through the provision of well-evidenced and transparent valuations.

These achievements highlighted the strength of our association and the relationships with our members, affiliate organisations and stakeholders.

Whilst the challenges we face as a country and as an industry are far from over, we now need to turn our minds to the rebuild process. As an industry we offer a set of skills that allows business and individuals to understand the value of their assets and efficiently generate liquidity and cashflow to support their families, rebuild their businesses and reinvest back into the economy. This will be a critical step to keep businesses and people from further financial hardship.

We would like to take this time to thank our members for your efforts during the past months and the AVAA would love to hear from you as to how we can continue to support you through the challenging period ahead.

The AVAA will continue to focus on increasing our influence, achieving better outcomes for our industry, and fostering a community within our industry.

Continue to stay safe,

Tim Slattery, President
Emma Barnes, CEO