The AVAA are excited to launch a number of new courses and training opportunities, available to AVAA members and the wider industry.

“We are aware of the need within the Australian Valuation and Auction industry for continued professional development and have invested significantly this year to be able to provide this.
We have produced a wide range of courses at extremely high quality to ensure the standards within the industry remain high.”

Emma Barnes, CEO, AVAA

The following courses are currently live:

THE ART OF AUCTIONEERING- How to be a successful auctioneer.

Knowing the necessity of the skills required for auctioneers, AVAA has teamed up with NIDA Corporate to present a bespoke 2-day course the become a successful auctioneer. This indepth course designed to give participants the essential knowledge and communication skills to be a successful auctioneer. More information about this course can be found here.
This two day course is held in Sydney.

Valuation of Fine Arts & Antiques 

This self-paced course is intended as a general introduction to the valuation of fine art and antiques, collectables and specialist items. It covers a broad range of material that one might expect to encounter as a valuer.
This course provides basic information on important periods and styles, movements/makers, materials and cataloguing elements for each field, as well as pertinent valuation considerations, glossaries and further reading. More information can be found here
This course is available online, and is self-paced.

Supporting Professionalism and Trust in Valuation Standards

This short course is designed to give you an overview of the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) and the standards that they have set for valuation documents. These standards reflect those of the AVAA and USPAP, however they are not compulsory for members to adopt in their day to day domestic valuations. This course is a must for all current valuers.
To register your interest please email:
This course is available online, and is self-paced.

Identification, Evaluation and Prioritisation of Risks for Auctioneer and Valuers (non-real property)

Risk Management

Topics covered:

  • The fundamentals on legal liability and insurance coverage for valuers and auctioneers
  • How litigated claims work
  • Case examples
  • Retainer agreements and how to limit your liability effectively
  • Capped liability schemes
  • How to exercise good professional judgment
  • Workshops and key messages

Following fantastic feedback about our first course, we are now accepting expressions of interest for the next course. To register your interest please email:

For any further information about future education opportunities or any feedback please email Diana Ginty at